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The Ultimate Collection
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Here you go, the updated masterlist of Harry/Lucius fanfiction. Links will be added to it on regular basis. Please feel free to leave links to new (and old) stories in the comments.

Many of the fics featured on the list contain graphic and/or non-con slash. By clicking on the following links you are stating that you are of legal age to read such material.
Harrylu is not responsible for offended sensibilities.

As of May, 2016, the list available below can't be updated and expanded for the time being. You can find the most recent version of the masterlist on the Kings of the Wheel blog.

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28th-Mar-2018 05:21 pm - Need more info?

Hello everyone!

I was browsing a community on LJ today when I read something about a New User Agreement. Now, I haven't been following closely the things that happen on LJ in the past couple of years, so it's entirely possible that I missed something big. 

Do you know more about this update to the rules?

I am asking because I heard that according to the update, everything LGBTQ+ is classified as "sexual deviancy" and placed under numerous restrictions, at the risk of being deleted if LJ deems it inappropriate for minors browsing the site.

I definitely don't want to see this community deleted; if we are at a risk, I should immediately begin backing up posts. So, is there anyone among you who can help explain to me what's going on and whether I need to panic or not? 

Thank you!

13th-Jul-2017 10:37 pm - More fics added!
Hi! After a long pause (and some quiet effort in the meantime!) I have managed to add all the complete stories from AO3 and FF.net to the masterlist. :))) You can find the updated version over here.

My next project is the long-overdue masterlist of artworks, and then I intend to work on updating the list of stories featured on this journal. As you know, the LJ post limit won't let me add in all the fic from the Wordpress list, so I have to come up with a way to update without spamming your inbox with posts made for each letter of the alphabet. If you have ideas on how to handle this, please let me know!

Enjoy all the new fic and feel free to share your faves ♡♡
14th-Feb-2017 06:18 pm - Shall we dance?
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who celebrates it!

I come to you with a proposal... of sorts. :))) For some time now, I have been considering hosting a HPLM fest on here. It was not feasible for today, but I would love to organise it in time for Beltane. However, seeing as I am not very experienced when it comes to fest logistics, I would like to invite one or two fellow HarryLu fans to "initiate" me and help me out with it. If you are interested, feel free to message me.

Let me know what you think about this idea in the comments below. I welcome any and all suggestions regarding title and theme(s).
29th-Nov-2016 04:21 pm - Project: Find the Missing Stories
Dear all,

as you must already know, earlier this year both PSA (scarhead.net) and RS (restrictedsection.org) went down. Lost with them were 35 stories about Lucius and Harry. Some of the stories were very old and others were written by fandom legends, such as Nimori. What is important to note is that these stories were only stored on PSA, RS or both.

I have been looking for the fics since I noticed that the archives were down, with little to no results. I got in touch with an author who wanted me to remove their work from the list... and nothing else. It gets more and more difficult to look for the stories as time passes and I am afraid that we will lose them forever. This is especially tragic for us because we do not have endless supplies of HarryLu fanfic like other ships in the HP fandom.

In a bid to renew the search and secure more attention, I created a page on the Kings of the Wheel blog dedicated to the missing stories. The plan is to spread the word among HP communities and fanfic authors. I ask of anyone who is willing to give me a hand to share the page and consult fellow authors, readers and contributors for information. Any information is welcome - alternative links, saved copies, contact info for the authors... anything.

In the meantime, I will post to fic finding communities and get in touch with all the authors I can. It would not be terrible if you got in touch with them as well, so that we can speed up the process. If the authors no longer agree to repost/archive their stories, that's alright. I just need information so that I can update the list accordingly. Although, it would be for the best to have as many stories as possible, in order to inspire new generations of authors as well as keep track of the progress that has been made for the ship in the past decades.

You can find the page I created HERE and share it on any and all social media you like. Let's do our best for the HarryLu community. Thank you!
Last month I recced a few HPLM fics at crack_broom, where you can check them out as well. This month I intend to continue reccing, especially some of the classic works that inspired the opening of Kings of the Wheel in the first place. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have some suggestions about fics I can rec.

Otherwise, stay tuned and enjoy the HarryLu!
12th-May-2016 02:14 am - Blog News and List Update
Earlier in March, I wrote about a problem I faced with updating the masterlist. Since then, I have transferred the Kings of the Wheel blog from Tumblr to Wordpress and have managed to refresh the list featured on it. As I am unable to update the list on LJ for the time being, please refer to the blog to check out the latest posts concerning HarryLu. I will resume posting updates on here too, except the new links won't be added to the split list until I have the time to do it. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Masterlist of fanfiction (last updated on the 10th of May, 2016)
16th-Mar-2016 05:19 pm - Quick Update
As I wrote on the Kings of the Wheel page on Facebook at the end of February, I have been having a problem with updating the masterlist.
That is the reason I haven't posted a single update in the past three months. The problem is that I can't add new links/references to the masterlist post on Tumblr. The only solution so far is to split the masterlist, which makes it impractical for both updating and browsing. The masterlist on LJ is split into five parts, but I'm afraid I may have to split it further as the list grows. I am starting to feel like I am creating horcruxes, set to malfunction, and the level of upkeeping difficulty only increases with each update. There are many more (new) fics to add to the list and I want you to have the latest stuff at your fingertips, but I can't seem to find a way to solve this problem. So, if any of you know a way I can deal with it, one that doesn't involve starting my own website, please let me know! I gave myself time until the end of April to find another solution, but in case I don't manage to, I will have to start working on splitting both lists (on here and on Tumblr). That would surely be time-consuming, so I can't promise you an update earlier than June. Anyway, I hope to hear from somebody until the end of April. I would really like to post a fresh batch of fic for you soon!
30th-Nov-2015 04:21 am - Monthly Update

As you know, October and November were exciting months for our community. In this monthly update, in addition to fic from AO3, I am adding the stories written for the LMHP Halloween Fest that took place last month over at hp_darkages. Remember that this entry doesn't feature ratings, pairings and summaries, although you can look them up on the official list entry (masterlist). :))

Fest FicCollapse )

There was also one artwork created for the fest by akatnamedeaster, titled Cane.

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25th-Oct-2015 06:50 pm - pimping: LMHP Halloween Fest
Halloween is almost here and to mark its arrival hp_darkages has begun posting the stories written for the LMHP Halloween Fest. As this post informs, you can read all the delicious fic on AO3 and check out the banners either on the HP Darkages Tumblr or Twitter account. You can find the first story here. Share, enjoy and comment! It's good to see the community return to life this autumn. :)

 photo banner1-2_zpsqtzapdjh.jpg
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